Worth the trouble


I am no photographer and all these are from my iPhone but still it was 6.30 in the morning, there is chill in the air and I had to trek teeny tiny bit to get up there. Even that teeny tiny walk/trek effects my breathing. So I was out of breath and while panting just saw the other side. And let me quote “OH MY GOD”.. Sun was coming up and my right side was this never ending sea and my left side was a huge lake or maybe backwaters. It was so good that it looked right out of photo. It was picture perfect, that next day I woke up again to just go there. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen. It was surreal.



I was alone on the beach and I noticed these two walking by and I was watching them for no particular reason. Maybe I was just bored. The guy goes further and the girl just sits right there started picking rocks and the guy  without realising the girl is not with him, he was just looking at the sea and then he looks for her and see her very far from him and he irritatingly calls her and asks what’s she doing( I can’t hear shit) I just guessed by their body language. She lifts her head and smiling shows him her hand which are filled with small rocks or some shit ( I have no clue). I see him as his irritation fades and small smile playing on his face starts walking towards her and he starts picking stones too. I found myself smiling and then felt I was very creepily looking at them. So I call for them and tell them that I took their pics. Then they gave me their email. They don’t have a camera or trying to put a show. It’s a simple gesture. I don’t even if they are together. There are so many situations like these. These two might not even realise how cute it was. But I thought it was adorable. If only we can save those memories and delete all the bad and negative ones. Just saying🤷🏼‍♀️

My Travel pair 

I was in Goa, with company who started drinking early in the morning and you can guess how that went by mid-day. We were at the beach and the guy who was sitting beside was getting touchy and speaking about stuff.. let’s just say are quite conflicted. While I was trying get away from his hands and his talk.. ohh let me tell you I was quite happy till then. Then uncomfortable. That was the thing I was doing while trying my level best not to smack on his stupid drunk head. But then nothing can spoil my mood when am near Sea. Except maybe a tsunami.