Scene out of movie “Birds”

See those 3 crows sitting.. and see my plate of amazing fish and chips… those crows were Planning a war on me who was alone. Those three and there were 4 more in various places around me. Those bitches stated slowly coming toward me one by one from all the sides. No amount of shooing was working. I was getting little scared but I was not willing to let them win. Those bitchy conieving bastards. 

Thank god for the guy who came and rescued me. He did nothing he just sat near another table and those fuckers left. My Hero 😍


Diet chicken!!!

I was trying to make chicken without oil for some body cleansing diet. All I did was marinated the chicken with lemon, pepper, ginger, garlic, salt, cilantro, origano for 3 hours and fried in a tea spoon of sesame oil on a nonstick pan. And kaboom it turned out kickass. Mind you I dint follow any measurements. Just was throwing whatever I could reach. Am so proud of myself.