Pretty trees among ugliness!!!

Bangalore, Busy street, stuck traffic and so much pollution that we can not breath normally and can’t not see a smile on anyone’s face and if we can just bother to look there are these beautiful colourful trees every where. I could not help admiring. It was a pretty sight in between the lost greens.


Wet Dream 

A book lover’s wet dream. Literally. The first pic is of Bangalore and the second pic is of Hyderabad. Am quite used to Hyd used book shop. I have been going there forever. But Bangalore one?? This is the first time I went. I could not even smile when I saw three floors of unbearable, unbelievable books. I was floored. I was overwhelmed. The collection they had was out of the fucking world. That was proper book porn. Hundreds of graphic novels, thousands of comics, hundreds of thousands every kind of book. Ohh god. I was like small kid in a candy store. Rather a kids first visit to Disney World. 

Kissed by Al Pachino 

Wait.. it’s just a dream.. I don’t know why dreamt about Al Pacino kissing me as my first true love is George Clooney.. Al was not even young in my dream.. he is just as old and wrinkly but man was he a good kisser 😍 that I was practically moaning. Now am in lust with him. 😔 .. It could’ve have been because I was talking and thinking too much about The Godfather?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I hope am as invisible as I think I am to my friends, as this is my secret identity.

Bohemian Rhapsody 

On my way to Bangalore.. I was reading a book and listening to music at a time.. this is the time when am concentrated on the book more than music,. But who can ignore Freddy Mercury.. as soon as Rhapsody was playing I closed the book temporarily and turned my face towards the window and that’s what I see.. fast car, Freddy singing Bohemian Rhapsody and a goa view (shitty pics though).. one of those sad (song)perfect moments.