A cute guy who is smiling not necessarily at me.. always brings a smile on my face and having cute butt is always a added advantage and this guy had both exceptional smile and butt.


Hyd Street side!!!

When in India… there is a chance you might find Street side henna designers, usually you would miss them on a busy street as they are little hidden.. If you happen to see them and if you are a female or a male who likes henna then don’t miss out on a amazing experience of getting henna done. 

Shilparamam ❤️

One of my fav places in Hyderabad. Shilparamam. The artistic surroundings, the colourful shops with hundreds of amazing artistic stuff which are reasonably priced. And woman sitting on chairs shouting to apply mehendi designs and little further away men sitting and try to catch your so that they can sketch you and Ohh so many earrings and ethnic stuff. It’s my own personal heaven. The simple but amazing stuff you might find. Especially if you are fan of Indian designs or traditional stuff, then this is your place.

Telugu Wedding 

A proper Telugu wedding lunch. All the guest sit on chairs and various people go around serving food. This 👆🏽was rich people wedding. Usually we serve food on banana leaves. When I took the pic everything was not yet served and I could not wait any more ☺. So there it is… a sample of it. Will see what they going to do tomorrow.

  Oh by the way the yellow basket was the return gift for the guests. I am not fan of gatherings but hey why not.. right. 

Holy damn 

White chocolate and coconut cupcake. My mouth had a celebration just about now.

Am more of black coffee drinker but this vanilla cappuccino does not disappoint me. See that pink cupcake wrap? I just finished it. And my mind and my mouth 👄 are quite in good heaven. If one can’t have sex you need to have something to fill the cravings. Right. 🤷🏼‍♀️