Scene out of movie “Birds”

See those 3 crows sitting.. and see my plate of amazing fish and chips… those crows were Planning a war on me who was alone. Those three and there were 4 more in various places around me. Those bitches stated slowly coming toward me one by one from all the sides. No amount of shooing was working. I was getting little scared but I was not willing to let them win. Those bitchy conieving bastards. 

Thank god for the guy who came and rescued me. He did nothing he just sat near another table and those fuckers left. My Hero 😍


Coffee and the Ocean 

Coffee shop on the cliff facing the ocean what could be better than this? The coffee here is probably one of the best you could find. No wonder it’s called Coffee Temple. You stand or sit in a certain position and you can see 180 degrees of ocean. I sit there with the coffee and keep gazing at the sea and I feel any shit is worth it. And even reading a book, I feel that I am wasting my time. 

     These images are of the Six beverages for six days I was here. Well it’s 1 week but I arrived late on the first day today it’s early so it’s six. If you are dying for good cup of coffee and are in Kerala you should do yourself a favour and come here. Varkala cliff. 

   Americano, mocha latte, adhrak(ginger) chai, The ambience, the view and the food is worth few days of you life.. 

Telugu Wedding 

A proper Telugu wedding lunch. All the guest sit on chairs and various people go around serving food. This 👆🏽was rich people wedding. Usually we serve food on banana leaves. When I took the pic everything was not yet served and I could not wait any more ☺. So there it is… a sample of it. Will see what they going to do tomorrow.

  Oh by the way the yellow basket was the return gift for the guests. I am not fan of gatherings but hey why not.. right. 

Filter coffee 

Kids… Have you ever had a filter coffee.. A South Indian filter coffee?? If you are a coffee lover (like me) or if you like the coffee aroma.. or like trying out different kind of coffee.. you need to try this. If you are anything like me then you have to say.. less sugar and extra strong coffee and my god.. Well it does remind of God. Early in the morning.. a perfect cup of piping hot filter coffee is what a heaven feel like ( yeah I know. I exaggerate) but that cup of coffee makes me feel better any given day. Am not addicted to coffee I am just in love with it. ❤️

Holy damn 

White chocolate and coconut cupcake. My mouth had a celebration just about now.

Am more of black coffee drinker but this vanilla cappuccino does not disappoint me. See that pink cupcake wrap? I just finished it. And my mind and my mouth 👄 are quite in good heaven. If one can’t have sex you need to have something to fill the cravings. Right. 🤷🏼‍♀️