How Often??

How often do Men rather Male species think about sex?? I was in starbucks today and while reading and eating and drinking i was noticing people. How both the sex behave. What made me think about this?? Well There was this couple having a conversation  and it was quite evident that the guy was with the girl only for sex. I am not judging. If not anything I know women. Period. Arrogance?? Maybe!! but in this case the girl was talking quite excitedly and the guy was sitting quite aloof. The girl is craving for attention and the guy is just sitting there and pretending to listen the image that created in my mind was that this guy was bored but still sitting and pretending maybe so that he may get some action later. Maybe, Maybe not… So here it goes. How often does guys think about sex and given a chance how many times and with how many woman can and will he have sex with?? Is it in our imagination or are guys really think lot of sex?? Are they not bored by sex?? If they don’t get sex then maybe!! but its a very hypothetical question. Well not to anyone in particular but to the universe.
And why is that the woman and girls i know are not happy with the sex life inspite of having a sex life and so called all the time Horney Men?? Why is that the one of the most imp things in a Guys life and his favourite thing to do and they still can’t do a good job of making a woman happy in the bed? Why can’t most of the woman I know are not even having a Orgasm?? I know only 2 woman who are actually happy with their sex lives. So go figure??

3 thoughts on “How Often??

  1. From the opposite side, As a woman, for the most part, I’m happy with my sex life. That being said, I’m very selective with which guys I keep around to fuck because many of them do suck. Also, I’m pretty sure I think about sex just as much of not more than guys.


    1. See the thing is.. My friends i guess they do it on trial and error basis and most off them especially over 30 are not happy with their sex life. And where as guys.. as far as i have heard they have a sex life and they say there is nothing as bad sex for them. On the other side i see girls around me fucking just because they want “love” not just for the sake of fucking and they are not happy. I see very small percentage of woman who actually love their sex life and as me?? I only have a sex life with my vibrator. 🙂


      1. Perhaps it’s that I’m in my 20s and in a big city. I also usually keep some pretty steady quality fuck buddies around. But vibes are always nice too 😉


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